Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Year, Another RenFaire

     There were two medieval festivals this last weekend and my family decided to go to one of them. One of the festivals was by the same people that my brother, sister, and I went to last year, the Excalibur Medieval Tournament & Market Faire . The other one was The Medieval Festival of Courage, which is a bit smaller, doesn't have as many events and vendors, but it is a community event that helps local schools and non-profits raise money for education programs. We decided to go to the Medieval Festival of Courage. We were surprised at the amount of people there. I was also pleasantly surprised when we went to get our entrance tickets and saw the amount of work they put into just the ticket booth, Which made me excited to see the rest.

This was taken as we were leaving, but that painted castle thing behind us was the ticket booth. If you can see that window to the right of my mom, that's where we paid for and got the tickets. My Dad was taking the picture and couldn't really see the screen and as you can see my sister got distracted, but the main point was the ticket booth. Unlike my mom, my dad and I don't like taking pictures of things without people we know in them and I think he wanted to take a picture of the booth, so he told us to go stand by it.
     After walking in, we were checking out the booths when my dad and I noticed a sign, so my mom took a picture of us with it.
 Haha, as you can see, my dad got distracted. That happens a lot in my family. But you cant really blame him when what he got distracted by was this:
I was more amused by the name of the booth behind the Bullbeque.
 Tee hee hee.
     I then saw a girl walking around munching on a turkey leg and decided I needed one (even though I don't really like turkey). The Bullbeque booth was the one that had it, or rather, it had a leg o' beast.
I got the Leg o' Beast and my mom, dad, and sister got the Dragon on a Staff, and shared Sir Alan's Ribs. They said that their meat on a stick and ribs were really good and I actually liked my turkey.
Next came the jousting event. There were two "knights" and I don't know their names because we couldn't hear a thing.

They first had to ride by and stick spears into some stumps.

Since they missed the stumps every time they decided to blame the squire for his placement of them. As his punishment, he had to stand there with a helmet and an apple on his head while the knights rode by and tried to knock it off with a sword while hoping the don't knock his head off instead. Then came the joust, my mom took the video so you've got them both in one video.

After the joust we wandered around checking out booths and eating pie. Then we left. on our way home my dad decided to drive around a bit and we ended up at this neat little grove of trees.
 Which led us to a jetty.

All in all, it was a fun day.

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