Monday, February 10, 2014

Spaghetti Greatness

     Ever since I was little, I've always loved my parent's spaghetti. They both make it differently of course and I've always slightly favored my Dad's spaghetti over my Mom's. I used to think it was because he didn't make it as often as she did so it was more of a treat whenever I got his spaghetti, but as I got to the stage where I was cooking for myself I realized I was wrong. I changed and tweaked my own spaghetti sauce until I finally surpassed my Mom's spaghetti (at least I think it's better :P ), but no matter what I did I couldn't match my Dad's.  My Dad made spaghetti tonight and I "happened" to be in the kitchen doing dishes at the same time. As I was doing dishes my ears perked up when I heard him opening up a bottle of Coca-Cola (I'm a bit of a coke addict), when I turned around he was putting the cap back on and since I didn't see his cup I jokingly said, "Did you just put coke in the spaghetti?" His reply, "Yeah, I always do."