Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spicy Teen Wolf

     Last night was the new Teen Wolf (YAY!), and since I don't have cable any more I had to wait until today and watch it on MTV's website. They still have commercials and usually they play the same ones over again for each commercial break. One commercial that I didn't mind watching over and over again was a new Old Spice commercial. In fact, I found it rather funny, so I'm making you watch it too. :P

     Oooooh, silly Old Spice. On another note, I'm so exited that Teen Wolf is back! At first, since it's been a few months since the last episode I was all like, Meh, it's been a while, I know I liked it before but I don't know if I'll still keep up with it this season, but then I went ahead and watched the new episode and I'm all excited about it again. So you might have to put up with quite a few Teen Wolf posts in the near future since my brother isn't caught up on it and therefore I can't fangirl at him about it. ♥YAY TEEN WOLF!!!!!♥

Teen Wolf: mythical creatures by kreugan


  1. Old spice, why you so funny!?
    I didn't much care for this season of teen wolf, but its getting better, so impressed my Dylan's acting.

    1. I keep going back and forth, one episode I'll really like and the next one I'm just like, meh. Always love Dylan though. ♥