Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Attack 11-2-13

     I can seeeee. ^_^   I've got my glasses now, so now I can't use that as an excuse for not posting. Time for me to stop slacking. :P  It's Sunday, which means Art Attack. The new episodes of Teen Wolf don't come back until January 6th, and I'm going crazy waiting for them, so that's what I'm making the theme for today's Art Attack. (Teen Wolf, not crazy stuff. Although now that I think about it, that's kinda a good idea, maybe next week.) 
WARNING: May contain spoilers
 Let's start them off with some chibis.
CHIBIS: Teen Wolf by shiftly 

teen wolf: gemini by kreugan
 Kanima Jackson! Am I the only one hoping Jackson comes back to the pack?

Teen Wolf Time! by cannorachan
     ♪ With Derek the Wolf and Stiles the Human, the fun will never end. It's Teen Wolf Tiiiiime...♬

Teen Wolf - Science Buddies by dhauber
      Stiles and Lydia, the brains of the show.

Teen Wolf: Erica Reyes by Dubijanteloca
      Ericaaaaaaa! ♥

TW - Too Many Teens in a Jeep (and Derek) by Guzusuru

TW: Pack Pile by caccorachan

Teen Wolf: The Firestarter by Dubijanteloca

Stiles Stilinski by Sudjino
     I love Stiles, without him, the show would be nothing. He's the reason I even watch Teen Wolf.

Here's a crazy eyes Stiles GIF to finish up the post. ^_^

If anyone is wondering, the clip is from episode 5 of season 3.


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