Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moriarty Loves Bieber

     I absolutely love the BBC's "Sherlock." I've been reading a bunch of fanfiction while I wait for the new season in November. If you're interested, here's one that I really like: In it, John Watson gets "erased" by a mad scientist. He wakes up in his 8 year old body just before "A Study in Pink" to find that "John Watson" doesn't exist. So he has to figure out how to protect and help Sherlock behind the scenes as an 8 year old. I love it. It sounds kinda funny but it's not. It might have it's amusing moments, but it's more of a serious fic. Sometimes when I'm reading "Sherlock" fanfics the authors will share "Sherlock" that they like. Here is one that that I liked as well.

YouTuber KatrinDepp has quite a lot of awesome videos if want to see them.

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