Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art Attack/ Me At The Ocean 9-1-13

     Sorry this is late but I have a wisdom tooth coming in so I was going to use that as an excuse to be late in posting, but then my brother bought me some ibuprofen and dragged me to the ocean so now this is really late. ☺  My brother made some burgers while we were at the ocean and then I played in the water. We got some pictures, but they're from our cell phone, so they're pretty crappy.

Here's Buddy cutting up onions with a bit of ocean in the background.

That's me out in the water. I was wearing a long skirt, but the water was so nice I didn't care. Until we got home and my skirt was full of sand. ☺

Here's a shadowy picture of me trying to run back to my brother with a Coke and a soaked skirt.

     That's all the pictures I have. Buddy and I are going to try to find an affordable camera that will at least take better pictures than the cell phone. So yeah, look forward to that.
     Today's Art Attack is going to be kinda short, but the theme is.........Ocean Fantasy.

Poseidon by Jinjorz

Mermaid Drop by sakimichan

Mermaid by firecrow78

Sea Dragon by m-lupus

Atlantis by Cold-Tommy-Gin

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  1. I really like the Mermaid Drop by Sakimichan. I see you already got the pictures for yourself. Good thing, every time I tried to forward them to you, my phone didn't like it. I really like the one of you. It was a perfect picture, well except for the picture quality ;)