Sunday, August 4, 2013

Art Attack 8-4-13

     BBC announced today that the actor to play the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who will be Peter Capaldi.
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     So the theme for today's Art Attack is going to be a look at the 11 Doctors to go before him.

The Eleven Doctors by PaulHanley

by rachelroach
Aaaand here comes an adorable chibi pic of the Doctor's many selves.

Heta Who? by Alikurai 
     Anyone who got the reference to Hetalia, then YAY for you!  (^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆  (Hetalia is on Instant Watch for those of you with Netflix.) Enough with that, time for more Chibi-Doctors!

The Eleven Chibi Doctors by Marker-Mistress
     I love how she put the first two Doctors in black and white.

The Doctor With Eleven Faces by Myku
     Now for some individual pictures of the Doctor. (This is going to be a pretty long post.)

The 1st Doctor played by William Hartnell:

doctor who 1 by nightwing1975

Chibi 1st Doctor by TwinEnigma

The Doctor's Wife by janey-jane
The 2nd Doctor played by Patrick Troughton:

piper by ladyyatexel

     I absolutely love this next one.
Examiner by Harnois75

The 2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe by infiniteviking
     There is so much great artwork, it's so hard to limit myself to just 3 pictures per Doctor.

The 3rd Doctor played by Jon Pertwee:
3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee by  kevinbolk

Chibi Doctor 3 by SelanPike

Doctor Who 3 by nightwing1975

The 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker: (For some reason I'm having troubles posting the rest of the Doctors. Instead, I'll post a few extra pics of the 4th [it's reaaally hard to choose only three since there are so many good ones because Tom's 4th Doctor seems to be most peoples favorite out of the classic Whos] and I'll continue with the rest of the Doctors on next Sunday's Art Attack.)
Doctor Who-Jelly Baby? by caycowa 

The Fourth Doctor by aimeekitty

Four and Romana, Flight by melee

Don't Forget Me... by stratosmacca
      I love his scarf. I want one so bad. ♥~(‘▽^人)    Although it does seem to have a bit of a downside.

The Doctor in Trouble by telesketch  

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