Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art Attack 8-18-13

     It's a little late, but the theme for today's Art Attack is Fairy Tail. Why? Because my brother and I just spent the last couple of days watching the first 48 episodes of the animé on Netflix and it is also the reason that this post is late. ☺ If you don't know anything about Fairy Tail here's a very short explanation: It's about a wizard guild called Fairy Tail and all of the mischief and adventures that they get up to.
May Contain Spoilers:

Dragon and Slayer by belucEn

Guild Stance by Futuretabs

Zodiac Madness by Kristallin-F
      I love Lucy and her celestial spirits. Explanation: Lucy is one of the MAIN main characters. She is a celestial spirit mage, which means that she can summon celestial spirits using keys. The gold keys are the strongest as they are members of the zodiac.

Lucy and the 12 Zodiac Spirits by Nick-Ian

Demon Mirajane by FuutonVesaka
     I love how the sweet, loving Mirajane who takes care of everyone at the guild goes bangstry crazy when she uses her magic.

Lokē a.k.a. Leo by Esk-Phantom

King Natsu by AkilaChione
     Ohhhhh, Natsu, you can always count on him to make sure the show doesn't get TOO serious. ☺

Fairy Tail 295 by Ulquiorra90

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