Sunday, May 5, 2013

Renaissance Faire Fun (picture and video heavy)

     My brother and sister and I are back from the Renaissance Fair, and I have a lot of pictures and videos to show you. ^_^     Unfortunately, after looking through my (actually my Mom's) camera, I realized that I don't think I got a single shot of all of us fully in our outfits. It was so windy though, my siblings probably would've complained about their hair being a mess. :P  I'll have to get them all dressed up again so we can get some pictures to show you. Here's the pictures and videos that I do have though.
     There were a lot of tents there, some had people selling stuff, and others were "Guilds" that had people sitting around in full costume happy to chat with people and answer any questions anyone had about the period. There were also sections where they taught sword fighting.

     We were wandering around and I accidentally wandered into one of the sword training areas, I was a bit confused about where I was and after I realized I made to leave, but one of the trainers blocked my path and said, 'Now you're trapped, we have swords, HaHaHa.' Don't worry though, I got away unscathed. ^_^   I don't know what it is, but people seem to like to tease me. It's okay, I don't mind, it makes life interesting. Just don't tell my Dad I said so, he'll just take that as an invitation to tease me even more. :P

     Here's a video of a couple of guys that were fighting with some short-staff type things, although the end of the fight is kinda blocked because the whatever-the-renaissance-version-of-a-referee-is was standing in front of me.

     Wow, you can really hear how windy it was.  After watching these guys we went over to watch the Knights joust. Before they jousted they did some tournaments. First they had to put a lance through three little rings while on their horses.

     After that they had to put a javelin through a wreath, but I couldn't get a video or picture of it because there were too many people and flags in the way. Then they had to take a sword and slice and stab cabbages that were on poles.

     Before the cabbage-maiming started, I dared my brother to yell, "My cabbages!" after they sliced the cabbages, but he didn't do it. :(
     After the cabbage-maiming, they beat each other with clubs.

     Once the clubbing was over, finally came the joust.

     We only stayed to watch the first four jousts, since by that time we were dying of thirst. After getting some way too expensive cans of soda, we wandered around the sellers tents.

      Here's my sister trying on a leather mask. I would have loved to get her one but they were a bit too pricey for me. Then we watched a ship wedding. I wasn't able to get any of the wedding, but I did get this:

Which scared me to bits. The video isn't that great, since I couldn't actually see what I was getting on the screen.
Update: My Mom was asking a bunch of questions, so I thought I'd just answer all of them here, just in case any of you were wondering the same things.
     I got scared when the cannon went off, since I'm scared of loud noises. The ship wasn't shooting at the regiment, although that's what we thought was going to happen when we saw them marching toward the ship. The cannon was to celebrate the wedding. The regiment were there to celebrate the wedding. After the wedding they marched over and made two lines with their weapons raised for the couple to walk through. 
 Here's a short video of the "newly-wedded" couple.

     Then my sister and I decided to take a carriage ride, our brother opted-out on that.

      Pay no attention to my hair, like I said, it was windy. You can kind of see my outfit there, but not really. The only "costume" thing that I'm wearing is the jacket, which I made based on the jacket that Heath Ledger wore to the party in "A Knight's Tale," which I've seen many many times and where all of my renaissance knowledge comes from. ^_^  My sister had been wearing a really long skirt, but she had gotten tired of wearing it, so since she had shorts underneath it she took it off before the carriage ride.
     While on the ride we noticed an archery section, so once the ride was over, the three of us went to try our hand at archery.

      Here's my brother in the tunic we made and the money pouch that he made from the extra material. He decided to wear skinny jeans instead of leggings, although I offered to let him wear a pair of mine. ^_^   He also had a jacket that really pulled the whole ensemble together, but he's not wearing it here since it hindered his aim. We're pretty proud of his costume, he got many compliments on his "finery" (yes someone actually called it that), and much later, towards the evening, an inebriated RenFaire worker asked if he was one of the Guild members.

     I actually managed to get both of my siblings in this one, YAY.

     Once my brother taught her how to shoot the arrow, Baby-Bug kept shooting too fast for us to get a picture, so we made her actually hold that one for a bit so we could get this.

     Out of the three of us, Buddy was the only one to actually get an arrow into the target, my arrows kept bouncing off. :P  Once we were done trying our hand at archery, we wandered around a bit more. Baby-Bug and I found some jewelry we liked and I haggled (I haggled!) with the stall owner for it. Although I'm not really sure if you could call it haggling. You see, before we went our Grandma gave us each four gold dollars to spend at the RenFaire, (Isn't she awesome?) when I went to get the ring and necklace that my sister and I wanted, the stall owner asked for four dollars, and I decided to try my hand at haggling. I pulled three of my gold dollars from my pocket, fanned them out between my fingers and said, " How about three gold coins instead?" The stall owner was so excited by the fact that I was paying in gold coins that I don't think he even noticed that I was trying to haggle. I probably could've gotten away with only parting with one of my gold coins. ;)
     After all of that we were tired, hungry, and thirsty, so we went to Sonic. :P  After Sonic we were re-energized and went back. Everything was pretty much winding down, but there were still musicians in kilts playing and for some reason, zip-lines. So we listened to music and went on the zip-lines, which Baby-Bug loved.

     Poor Buddy got the zip-line that no one could get all the way across, so he wont let me post the video of him on it. I was fine on the way down, but I fell off twice trying to come back. Buddy got a small video of me just before I fell off the second time.

     Hahaha, he thought he was just taking a picture, which is why the video is so short. After that we left, and now Baby-Bug is all tuckered out. As am I. Good Night. -_-


  1. That was awesome!! So why were you "scared to bits" at the wedding? And what was the regiment doing there? And why was the ship shooting at them? That is what's going on, right? I'm glad you haggled. So are you addicted to ren faires now?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Will have to check it out next year for sure!! And remember to bring cold coins!