Thursday, May 23, 2013

It All Just Flies Away

     I know I promised a picture of my parent's anniversary present, but my Mom took her camera back, and hasn't sent me a picture of it so that I can post it (hint hint). This isn't going to be a very happy post, so if you want happy, you should probably stop reading now.
    I've been a bit depressed for the past couple of months. I've had a few shareworthy moments of okayness, but that doesn't last for long. I've been sighing a lot tonight, it started out with a lot of crying, but now I'm just sighing. I've heard that every time you sigh, your happiness flies away, but what if the reason that you're sighing is because you feel like you'll never be happy again. Is that just guaranteeing your future unhappiness? Now I feel like I'm going to start crying again, but my head and eyes already hurt so much and I'd love to just go and sleep and wake up forgetting that there was a reason I cried. But I can't sleep, I just lay there and the tears keep leaking out, and I wonder if I'll ever fall asleep, which makes even more tears come, because sleeping is my all time favorite thing to do. I thought that writing this out would somehow make me feel a bit better, but it's not. So I'm going to use my tried and true technique for cheering up; I'm going to read Skip Beat! for the bazillionth time. ^_^

Ren and Kyoko by Quachir


  1. Okay, you know what, I demand that you come stay with us for a while 'kay? Like now!

    1. Aww, sweetie, I love you. Okay, I will.