Monday, April 15, 2013

Robin Hood

     My brother and I watched the "Robin Hood" movie with Russel Crowe. Robin Hood is my all time favorite historical figure, and I love how this movie portrays a different version of his story than what has been done in the past. When we first started the movie we were thinking that it had a certain scene in it, but when it didn't we were a little disappointed. But then I realized that the scene was from "Prince Of Persia" and felt kind of silly, considering I've seen "Prince Of Persia" so many times.
     Here's the clip that we thought was in "Robin Hood."
^_^  Heeheehee I know I've said this before, but I love this movie.

     Here's a music video for "Robin Hood."

     Here is an artwork that is apparently based off of a video game that I really want to play now called "Fate/Extra."

Fate/Extra Robin Hood by PandaKriwilz

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