Sunday, April 7, 2013

Art Attack 4-7-13

     I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever have good internet again. Apparently my house is in a spot where no one provides internet. Except AT&T, but they said they can't unless someone in my area either moves, or gets rid of their internet. So I'm stuck with my neighbor's wi-fi for now. I discovered that if I steal my little sister's laptop and sit on the side of my house that's as close to my neighbor as possible, I can get internet a little more than I was with my computer. So hopefully I'll be able to post a little more, unless my sister decides to take her laptop back. :P
     Now on with the Art Attack! I'm not sure what today's theme is, maybe I'll decide after I put up a few pictures. Nope, nevermind, I decided. Today's theme is going to be paper art.

Paper Wings by Jake-Of-Spades 

     Wow, I'm gonna need me some cardboard, glue, and lots and lots of paper.

Getting My Mind To Work by ciomaria
     Hahaha I think I'd need a whole team of tiny paper people to get my mind to work.

Paper Dress by angelicetherreality
     Wow, such a beautiful paper dress. I would love to wear this, you know, if it wasn't rainy, or windy.

"Long" Quilling by paperJin
      This was made from a technique called, "quilling." I have no idea how it's done, but after seeing this I think I should learn.

     That will be all for today. Sorry for the infrequent posts, I'm hoping it will be fixed some time soon.


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