Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sweet Dreams

     The movie "Rise of the Guardians" came out today. I wanted to see it so bad I actually drove to town by myself, DURING THE DAY. It was so good. I loved all of the characters, especially Sandman. I also found some fun downloads on the Rise of the Guardians website. You can download and print coloring pages, 3D papercrafts, and even a boardgame! As soon as I get a hold of a printer with color ink I am so gonna have most of their downloads cluttering up my house. ☺
     There is a baker that made some amazing "Rise of the Guardians" sweets for Dreamworks on the movie's release day.

Baby Tooth Cupcakes by Fernanda Abarca
 So cute!

Sandman Cupcakes
Sandman! I love how she used gold glitter for his sand.

Elf  Cake
     It's an elf cake. An elf CAKE.

     Here's a Jack Frost cake that she made for her son's birthday.

Jack Frost Cake

To see her making-of pictures, just click on the caption under the picture.

WARNING:Video may contain spoilers
Such a good video. ♥ ^_^ ♥

Sandman and Jack Frost by Bunny-Boss
*squeeeeeeeeee*  I love this picture! ♥

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