Monday, March 4, 2013

♫ Flower Boy Next Door ♪

     One of the KDramas that I've been watching just ended this last week. It's called "Flower Boy Next Door." It is about a young woman, Dok Mi, who hermits herself in her apartment because of a traumatic experience from her past and a young man, Enrique, who sees her peeking from her apartment while visiting his brother in Korea. He then makes it his mission to bring her out into the world before he returns to Spain. It's a wonderful show and I really liked it. I also loved how the actress for Dok Mi did her best to help people who have similar problems to the character she portrayed. Here is a wonderful music video for "Flower Boy Next Door" that I found on YouTube.


  1. This looks pretty cool. I want to watch it. Where can I do that?

    1. Just click on the link. It's the title of the show that is in periwinkle.