Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Attack 3/3/13

     There isn't going to be a theme for today's Art Attack. I'm just going to post a bunch of art that I like. ☺

Little Sparrow by Apofiss
Awww, so cute. ^_^

Forsaken Zanzibar by lordoffog
I pretty much love anything that uses golds, greens, and blues, but this piece I find especially beautiful. I just love how warm and inviting the buildings look, all lit from within.

Sunset in Venezia by takmaj
Ooooh, I just love watercolors.

Catwoman by marciotakara
     I love Catwoman. She's my favorite comic book villain. Oh oh oh , I just noticed the little bat-charm on her whip, I love it! ♥

Happily Ever After by compoundbreadd
*siiiigh* If only The Beast actually looked like that when he turned back into his princely, human-self. I always hated how ugly he looked. I even preferred him as The Beast...although, thinking about it now, the whole point of the movie was to not judge a person by their looks. :P

Aquarell by CloeZoe
So beautiful.

Chibi-Deadpool by hedbonstudios
     I absolutely love this artists chibi-art. I'll probably end up spending an Art Attack in the near future just showing you a fraction of my favorite art from this artist.

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  1. I look through all of these and i'm like ooh so pretty, than I get to deadpool and I'm all excited. It's soo cute. I love chibi deadpool