Friday, February 1, 2013

Weird Stuff

I like to go to an online shop called Vat19 and look at all of the interesting things that they sell. Some of them I want and some of them just make me think "Why?"  I'm not gonna tell you which is which though. ☺

Feather Pen Set $19.99

Ok, that one was probably obvious.

This next one though, you'll never guess.....

because it's not like there's a 50/50 chance or anything. ☺

Bacon Lollipops $11.99

Bottle of Wine Glass $11.99
That glass holds an entire bottle of wine. An entire bottle! Would I be a real lush if I said I wanted that glass?

Color-Changing Chameleon Lamp $29.99
These little guys change colors to match the surface that they are on. Isn't that.....interesting?

Become a Laird or Lady $19.99

Not gonna say anything. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.....

Flickin' Chicken Game $19.99

Flying Wish Paper $8.99

Spit Balls $8.99

Animal Ball Poppers $9.99

Awww, aren't these adorable? ♥ I want one?

Yes I do.

Inflatable Animal Heads $14.99

Gumdrop Soap $4.99

I'm pretty sure I would end up eating these.

Soapsicles $7.99 each 
 These too.

and maybe.....
Goldfish in a Bag Soap $4.99
no, probably not this.

All Marshmallow Cereal $2.25

No more picking through the cat food looking pieces for the good stuff.

26-Pound Edible Gummy Python $149.99

Believe it or not, these are actually sold out.

If you clicked on any of the links, some of their products have videos/commercials that are usually pretty funny.

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