Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bleh

     Well, the Super Bowl is over and it was a disappointment, both the game, and the commercials. I have no idea about the halftime show, because I went to the back room and did my cousin's nails. I also showed her the football "Bad Lip Reading."  When we came back out front to watch the game, we asked if we missed any good commercials, our Dads replied, 'No, but you did miss Beyoncé dancing around in her underwear.' LOL.My Mom's food was awesome though, I ate so much I seriously feel like doing seppuku. There were a few of the Super Bowl commercials that I liked though.

Awww, poor Red. My brother, Buddy, and I saw a giant plastic Red m&m that held a tray thingy of packages of m&ms at the store, and we wanted one so bad.The giant plastic Red, not the candy. Just because.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, best Super Bowl party ever.

This next one is my favorite.

Poor Shark. ☺

Here's some pictures of all the yummy food we ate.
Chips and Salsa

My Mom tries not to make stuff too spicy, since I can't handle spicy food, but this salsa kept getting spicier and spicier as time went by.
Mini Empanadas


Jalapeno Poppers

Haha, my cousin made a smiley face with two gold teeth out of bottle caps. (If any of you are wondering, the bottle caps are from Smirnoff and Sierra Nevada.)
Sopés and Spanish Rice

 Usually, I can eat, like, four of my Mom's homemade sopés, but at this point I was already full, so I just forced down one and only had a bite of the rice. It was so worth it, even if I do feel like committing seppuku.

I hope you all had a nice Sunday. ☺

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