Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunshiny Day

     I hate being cold, so winter always makes me really depressed. I think that I've spent about 80% of this winter in my bed refusing to acknowledge life. Since it is only  the beginning of February, I was fully prepared to also spend the next couple of months huddled in my Toy Story comforter. So imagine my surprise when I woke up to this:

Now before you go and say, Silly Rae, I have no idea what's so great about a blue square, you should take a look at this blue square.

IT'S THE SKY! ^_^  

It was so nice and warm today and I was sooo happy. ☺

Here's a picture of my favorite star shining warmth over my parent's house.

And here's a picture of my toes enjoying wearing my summer shoes.

Aren't they adorable? My shoes, not my toes.

This next picture I had a little bit of difficulty taking.

I wanted to take a picture of our doggy enjoying the sunshine, but she wanted to come over and give me attention, so she's glaring at me for making her stay there while I took the picture.

This next picture wasn't difficult at all.

That's our cat, Waffles, refusing to enjoy the sunshiny day with me and Pica.

Here's a picture of me trying to figure out where the camera is pointing while being blinded by daylight.

I hope you all are keeping warm, whether it's from a random day of summer in the middle of winter, or snuggling up in coats, blankets, or people. Yeah, I do that

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