Thursday, February 21, 2013


     As you might know, I've watched a lot of Disney movies. Whenever I found myself alone I would always be singing and dancing. I imagined myself as a beautiful, on-key, princess.

Yeah, my favorite colors as a kid were; white, silver, and blue.

     Unfortunately, I wasn't the neatest of kids. I loved to roll around in the grass and I had reeeaaaly long hair that I hated to brush. So my little princess self looked a little more like this:

     That was my great Gramma's yard, and I loved that swingset. I think it was way better than I drew it. There were also a bunch of raspberry bushes behind that shed that I used to love to eat. The berries, not the bushes. ☺ Do you see that bush with the blue dots on it?

     My Mom told us to never eat the berries off of that bush. For some reason, us kids took that to mean, "It's okay if you dare each other to eat these, as long as you don't chew them." You're lucky I lived through it  and can now tell you all of my stupid stories. ☺

     My favorite plant in Great Gramma's backyard wasn't the giant redwood or the raspberry bushes, no, it was that weird, twiggy, bush-tree-plant thing with the red waxy flowers.

You see, those weird little waxy flowers looked just like the lipstick Ursula used in "The Little Mermaid." So what I would do is pretend to be Ursula the Sea Witch and sing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" while putting on my "lipstick."

Haha, even as a kid, my favorite Disney character was a villain. Mainly for her song. ☺

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  1. The original little mermaid story is so depressing, i actually like that disney changed it.