Saturday, February 23, 2013

Icy Fun

     I had so much fun ice skating. As I guessed, I, of course, was a skating prodigy. Just take a look.

Sorry for the bad quality, it was pretty dark and we were just using my Mom's camera since we don't have a video camera.


    Hahaha, what happened was, I had done a tiny little wobbly spin but my Mom hadn't gotten it on video, so she asked me to do another one. I had succeeded in the first one, so I thought that I would have no problem with the second........yeah. Later, I saw my Mom by the rink, so I went over to see her, but a little girl zipped right in front of me. Here's what happened.

     Crazy, right? Throughout the whole night of skating, I only fell twice, so I'm pretty happy.

The second time isn't on video, so I'll tell you what happened. At first my brother hadn't been skating with my cousins and I, because he wasn't feeling well. So when, later, he was feeling better and had joined us skating, I was feeling pretty confident in my skating abilities. Especially since it was his first time as well. A little bit later, we were skating in the regular, not-just-beginners section, and we saw our sister on the other side of the rink. Buddy decided to go and catch up with her and took I thought to myself, "If he can do it then so can I," and took off after him. Of course, I fell.......and slid halfway across the rink. It didn't hurt though, it was actually kinda fun. ☺ I can't wait to go skating again. ♥

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