Friday, February 8, 2013

Can't Hold A Candle To.......A Candle

     The apartments that I'm applying to doesn't allow candles unless you remove the wick so that they can't burn. I was talking to my Mom and told her that the candles I want, I wouldn't want to burn. I thought that I had already showed them in a past post, but when I looked, I didn't see them. So here's the beautiful candles/art that I found on

Large Carved Candle $34
Isn't that beautiful? Take off the wick and it will look like a glass art piece.

Carved Butterfly Ribbon Candle $37
I wish someone would make a building that looked like that.

Carved Candle $12
Ooooh, doesn't that look like some sort of alien plant? Maybe a pepper of some sort? Or a carnivorous-type plant? Can't you just imagine those ribbony tentacle-looking bits reaching out to snatch some unsuspecting passerby?

Red and White Tapers $15
Don't these look like unicorn horns? Red and white, swirly, unicorn horns.

Blue and Yellow Taper Candles $17

Although I think that I'll need to eventually find a place where I can burn candles just so that I'll have an excuse to keep buying more. ^_^

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  1. What's so funny, is that growing up, those carved candles were in my home all the time,(right along with wooden owls, and handmade doilies) In fact I'm pretty sure that we had that blue and white one.