Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aaaaas Yooouuuu Wiiiiiish...

     In a previous post, I told you that I made it a goal of mine to do at least one craft a month. I know in my last post I said that I was going to give you this extra post as compensation for posting late, but, truthfully, I realized that if I set this post to update at midnight then my February craft would end up in March. ☺

     I have seen a few ideas on the internet that I have liked, and have been thinking of trying. One of them is painting a chapter of a favorite book onto a wall of your room. Another, is art printed onto a dictionary page like I posted in "Dr. HUH?!" The problem I had with the first idea is that I can't even pick just ten of my favorite books, let alone one. And the problem I had with the second is that I don't have a printer. ☺ I thought about using my Mom's, but she doesn't have any color ink. So I came up with the idea to combine the two and made this:

WARNING: May Contain Spoilers although, if you haven't seen or read "The Princess Bride" then you really need to. NOW. 

      I used a couple of pages from the abridged version of "The Princess Bride." If you're wondering why I didn't use the original, that's because there is no original. William Goldman, the author that "abridged" the book, actually wrote the book under a pen name S. Morgenstern. In the "abridged" version, Goldman writes how his father read the book to him as a kid, and then how he became obsessed with writing an abridged version for his son to read. All of his little stories that he would put in throughout the book kinda bugged me, but now that I know that it's all just a part of his "story," I find it rather amusing.
     Now back to my craft. I didn't want to put the quote on just a plain white background, so I got out a gift-bag that I liked from my "emergency present supply stash."

I then got the picture frame that I planned to put it in, 

took off the back,

and traced around it onto the bag.

     Then I cut along the line I traced and made sure it fit in the frame, I had to cut the edges a bit more, but that's because I used a dull pencil at a tilt when I traced the back of the frame. ☺

     I then picked out a passage from the book that I liked. I picked the part when *SPOILER* Prince Humperdink kills Westley in the Zoo of Death. If you have really good eyes and actually managed to read the passage in the picture, and if you've read the book, you'll see that I cut out the bit in the book where Goldman interrupted the story to tell a little story about when "his Dad read the book to him as a child." I figured, it's my art piece, if I don't want the story to get interrupted at such a crucial moment, then I won't let it. ☺

     Then I got to work with my quill and Black India Ink and started writing.

After it was done, I had to let it dry.

While it was drying I started on the mask that I wanted as my "image."

     First I outlined the mask on a piece of paper. I thought about drawing the mask directly on the writing but decided against it, since I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it symmetrical enough.

     Then I filled in the mask using a paintbrush and the Black India Ink.

     Next, I cut out the mask and cut two eyeholes as well. I then measured the mask against the quote page to see where I needed to trim the "straps." I realized that I didn't want the mask to be straight across, like I had originally planned.

  So I placed the mask, at an angle, inside the frame and trimmed the corners of the "straps" so that it would fit nicely, put the quote page in, and put the frame back together. Here's a closeup.

  I love that it's such a heart-wrenching part of the story over a pretty flowery background. ☺


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    1. You should! It's so easy. You could even use a regular pen, It wouldn't make much difference, I just wanted to be fancy. Plus, I kinda like how it gets lighter as I ran out of ink, then darker after I dipped the quill. ☺

  2. I really like this and your tutorial was very concise. Good job!