Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Pompous Owl

      Hello all, and welcome to my blog. First, I shall tell you how this blog came about. My Dad told me that since I spend all day on the computer, I might as well write a blog, and so I am ... the end.

Well, since I've decided to go ahead and do this thing I might as well tell you some kind of story or something.

I don't know if it's just me but whenever I look at a textured wall I see things in it (yeah, I know, I'm crazy). So, at my old place there was a spot on my bedroom wall, right next to my pillow, where a Pompous Owl resided. I hated that owl. It always stared at me with it's big-plumed top hat and monocle judging me, like my dreamings weren't fancy enough for him. I couldn't even watch animé on my computer without feeling him watching. I ended up spending most of my time downstairs on my Mom's computer. It wasn't until my family remarked that I wasn't being a hermit as usual that I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I marched upstairs, dug through my desk, and found.....a STICKER! I put it on that Pompous Owl and he never saw me again until the day I moved. MWAHAHAHAHA!
Pompous Owl
There you have it, my first post. Let me know what you think in the comments please. But don't be too mean, because I cry easily. :p


  1. Love it! Who cares if your a hermit, you create your own internal world

  2. Very interesting! Looking forward to more stories... btw, in the house I grew up in I always saw various faces in the designs on the bathroom walls. Used to creep myself out sometimes!! So either you're not as crazy as you thought or we are both crazy! Now doesn't that make you feel better?

    1. Haha, the bathroom faces are always the creepiest ones.

  3. Nice beginning, young Hermit! I totally relate to your Pompous Owl story and I am also a hermit, though probably a bit older than you. ;-) Many times people don't understand us, and though we can venture outwards at times, we always feel most comfortable in our nest. Have fun blogging...wonder what you'll write about next time?!

  4. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. It's nice to know that someone, besides my mom, reads this. :)