Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skip Beat!

     I read a lot of manga. My favorite manga of all time that I'd have to recommend is Skip Beat!
Here is my synopsis:
     Skip Beat! is about a teenage girl named Kyoko that moved to Tokyo with the boy she loves and views as her prince whom she grew up with, Shou Fuwa. She then discovers that the only reason he asked her to run away with him was so that she could support him and be his maid while he works his way to becoming the top idol in Japan. She becomes furious with him and vows to get her revenge. After a bit of convincing, (or stalking) she manages to enter the company of Shou's rival, Ren Tsuruga, and works her way to becoming a top star in order to beat Shou in show business.
     I absolutely love all the different characters and their personalities and the way that they interact. I can't even pick a favorite character combo because I love them all so much. There is also an animé of skip beat, unfortunately it stops after 25 episodes, but I still loved watching it. There is also a Taiwanese live-action show of it called "Extravagant Challenge." At first I wasn't sure about watching it, but after I discovered that a Korean actor/singer that I have a major crush on, Siwon Choi from Super Junior, was the one who plays Ren, I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did, the actors all did a great job playing my favorite characters. I only wish that it had gone on longer, I'm still hoping for a second season.

Here's some of my favorite Skip Beat! fan art that I found.


Setsuka and Cain Heel


and now for my favorite....

♥ Team Ren ♥

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know *allowed* was spelled wrong, but it's still hilarious, and I entirely agree. ☺

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