Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dr. HUH?!

Second post, YAAAY!

So I was browsing around etsy, as I often do for no reason at all, and I came across some neat Dr. Who art prints. I really liked them because they reminded me of different episodes. And now I shall share them with you.

The Angels Have the Phonebox
 This reminded me of "Don't Blink", for obvious reasons. Unless you've never seen Dr. Who, or haven't gotten that far yet, and if that's the case then SPOILERS, which is also a spoiler. ;P


This one isn't quite as obvious, it reminded me of the siren from "The Curse of the Black Spot."
Now I'm going to show you a few of the other Dr. Who prints I found that didn't make much sense to me, maybe you can explain it.

Mr. T.A.R.D.I.S. ?

Blue Drops



Believe it or not this wasn't even all of them. Although I have to admit that after trying to think up captions for them I started to find them quite amusing. Aaaaaand now a music video from my favorite English band, Chameleon Circuit. They sing all Dr. Who themed songs.

My favorite song of theirs is called Sound of Drums which is based on The Master.

Well, that is all for my second post, I hope that you were entertained a bit. Over and Out.


  1. I found this

    There were at least fourteen bathrooms, one of which had had a leaky tap for three centuries. Because he had misplaced his washers, the Doctor kept it from flooding the TARDIS by sealing it in a time loop that made the same drop of water leak out over and over again. (PROSE: The Well-Mannered War)

    1. That's cool, do you know which Dr. that's from?

  2. The first pic reminded me of that episode don't blink sooooo creepy