Monday, January 21, 2013

Froggy Fog

     My Dad is a major jokester.  He is constantly teasing us and making up silly stories for why things are the way they are. When my brother and I were little we didn't know that he was only teasing and took everything that he said as the truth. For example: whenever it was foggy my Dad always said,"It sure is froggy outside." Then my brother and I tried to correct him, saying that it was foggy, not froggy. He then told us, "Don't you know where fog comes from? It's frog breath. Since there's so much fog outside, then of course it must be froggy out today." For the longest time, whenever it was foggy outside, I imagined this:  

Foggy Froggy

      When I was a teenager I had a terrarium with a big bullfrog named Hector. My brother decided that Hector needed friends and caught a ton of little frogs and put them in my terrarium. Even though I was old enough to know the truth about where fog comes from, I was still upset when I woke up every morning to a room not filled with fog.

Here's the frog picture I used as a reference:

African Bullfrog

Here's some more cute froggy pictures that I found while looking for a frog reference for my picture:

Sunbathing Frog

O_O  He looks so scared.


  1. Don't forget his little song that would go along with it.

    F.Y.I. The image of "poor little froggy" isn't showing.

    1. What's the song? I don't remember it.

      Thanks, I'll try to fix it.

  2. Really? Your dad jokes around???? He's not serious all the time?? Huh. : )

    So how did you create your illustration?

    1. Haha...sarcasm. I just used MS Paint on my computer. It took me fooooreeeever. I almost gave up on all of the different colors about 1/3 of the way through and just filled the rest green, but I thought it would look weird to have the front of the frog detailed and the rest not.

  3. He changed the lyrics to "it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood" to "it's a froggy day in the nieghborhood"