Monday, January 14, 2013

Drowning Mermaids and Galloping Seahorses

     So at one of the houses that I lived in when I was younger, we had a built-in pool, and for one summer it actually worked. My brother and I pretty much lived in that pool. The only times we would get out would be to: go to the bathroom, get Otter Pops, eat PB&J's right next to the pool, and sleep. Although there were a few occasions when I can remember my brother not being with me while I swam. One such occasion was when my cousin came to visit. She and I had discovered a pair of scuba flippers in my Dad's closet, we were both pretty small for our age and we discovered that we could fit both of our feet in just one flipper. The first thought that came to our minds was, "We can become Mermaids!" So we promptly got our swimsuits on and set out to become mermaids.
      Now here I'm going to remind you that we were pretty small for our age. My pool was also a bit deeper than normal pools, the shallow end was 4ft. and the deep end was 9ft. We could barely keep our mouths above water in the shallows and my Dad's flippers were made for a full-grown man, so they were heavy. So what we thought looked like this:

actually looked like this:

Yeah, and we actually said that.

So after we got pretty tired out we decided we were done playing mermaids and decided to play something else:

Fun times.