Sunday, January 20, 2013

Art Attack 1/20/13

I've decided to do a regular post that features art that I like. The art that I'm sharing with you today features an artist named Carl Warner. He is an amazing artist that makes "foodscapes," or, pictures made out of food. Here are some of his amazing creations:

Salmon Sea

Isn't that amazing? I think that the only thing that he didn't use food for was the sky background. I think the sky might be fish scales, the sun is probably just a light, I'm not sure though.

Crab Cave

London Skyline

Coconut Haystacks

Is that a purple cabbage sky?

Fishscape 1

Chinese Junk

Banana Balloon

Candy Cottage

Here's a video of how Carl does his extraordinary work:

To see more of Carl's "foodscapes," check out his Gallery.


  1. I think the chinese junk one is my favorite of these.

    1. Yeah, mine too. That's the picture that made me find Carl Warner.

  2. I have been familiar with his photos for quite a while. Love them!!
    Hey, you need to add an RSS feed so I know when you post new stuff.

    1. Thanks, I'll do that. If I can figure out how...