Wednesday, January 30, 2013


    I've made it a goal of mine to do at least one craft a month. I came across a page that was 31 easy DIY projects, so I decided to give the first on the list a try. It was making a design on a ceramic mug with a permanent marker and baking it so that it will stay. I have a huge white mug/bowl that my brother gave me.

I really like the animé Full Metal Alchemist (FMA:Brotherhood, too), so I decided I wanted to put the bad/notsobad guy Greed onto my mug. In hindsight I probably should have chosen something easier, but that's just not the way I roll. ☺

First I found a picture of Greed that I liked. I picked one from the manga.

Then I sketched the picture onto the mug with a pencil and went over the lines with a new permanent marker (I just used one from the dollar store).

I shaded in the parts with pencil that I wasn't going to fill in with marker and filled in the rest.

 I then freestyled his name on the other side and baked it at 350F for 40 min. The tutorial said 30 min. but I left it in for an extra 10 min. just in case, since I was using a dollar store marker. After it was cool I went over it with a wet towel to make sure it would stay. It did. ☺
   Here is the finished cup.

 I still want to color in the rest of his body with a grey marker and color in the lines on his face with red, but I need to find the rest of my permanent markers. Or just go to the dollar store and buy another pack. ^_^

Haha, now that my brother has seen it, he wants his cup back :P  

(Oh, I almost forgot to let you know that this is not dishwasher safe.)

[Update 7/23/14: After a few washes, bits are wearing away, so I looked up a few instructions to see what I could do to make it last longer. 1. Don't preheat the oven, the cup will be more likely to break. 2. Use oil-based Sharpies. You can probably find them at a nearby hobby/crafts store.]     

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