Wednesday, January 30, 2013


    I've made it a goal of mine to do at least one craft a month. I came across a page that was 31 easy DIY projects, so I decided to give the first on the list a try. It was making a design on a ceramic mug with a permanent marker and baking it so that it will stay. I have a huge white mug/bowl that my brother gave me.

I really like the animé Full Metal Alchemist (FMA:Brotherhood, too), so I decided I wanted to put the bad/notsobad guy Greed onto my mug. In hindsight I probably should have chosen something easier, but that's just not the way I roll. ☺

First I found a picture of Greed that I liked. I picked one from the manga.

Then I sketched the picture onto the mug with a pencil and went over the lines with a new permanent marker (I just used one from the dollar store).

I shaded in the parts with pencil that I wasn't going to fill in with marker and filled in the rest.

 I then freestyled his name on the other side and baked it at 350F for 40 min. The tutorial said 30 min. but I left it in for an extra 10 min. just in case, since I was using a dollar store marker. After it was cool I went over it with a wet towel to make sure it would stay. It did. ☺
   Here is the finished cup.

 I still want to color in the rest of his body with a grey marker and color in the lines on his face with red, but I need to find the rest of my permanent markers. Or just go to the dollar store and buy another pack. ^_^

Haha, now that my brother has seen it, he wants his cup back :P  

(Oh, I almost forgot to let you know that this is not dishwasher safe.)

[Update 7/23/14: After a few washes, bits are wearing away, so I looked up a few instructions to see what I could do to make it last longer. 1. Don't preheat the oven, the cup will be more likely to break. 2. Use oil-based Sharpies. You can probably find them at a nearby hobby/crafts store.]     

"True Facts"

I came across a YouTube channel that makes "true facts" videos thanks to Jen at They are funny, so I shall share. ☺


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     Hello all, my brother has decided that we are going to an anime convention in September. He has also decided that since it's seven months away, there will be plenty of time to make our own costumes. I currently have no idea what to make, and with my level of skill (and tendency to procrastinate), I should probably start as soon as possible. Any suggestions? I'm 5'2", chubby, with a round face, it's hard to think up a cool costume to go with my physique.

Here's a few awesome cosplays that I found on DeviantArt (that I would never be able to pull off,... especially the guy ones. ☺)

Kazemon Cosplay by ElisaCosplay

I know this next one isn't anime, but I love Disney, so I don't care.

Belle Cosplay by RikardaJ

So beautiful.

Here's a cute pic of a couple of sisters cosplaying Chibi Nel and Grownup Nel from Bleach.

Nel Cosplay by PaperTwilight

Awwww. ♥

Lia Cosplay by CerubJibril

Here's another cute sibling cosplay.

Aang and Katara Cosplay by ToastedKeeda

Awww, he's a perfect little Aang. (If you've never seen the show, it's Avatar: The Last Airbender, it's on Netflix Instant Watch. ☺)

Here's a perfectly creepy GlaDOS from one of my favorite video games, Portal 2.

GlaDOS Cosplay by onkami

Here's one from my favorite cartoon. Iiiiiiit's ADVENTURE TIME!

Marceline Cosplay by mishi

Hahaha does anyone remember the cartoon "Doug"?

Doug Cosplay by DenisHimura

I have no idea why they would want to cosplay "Doug", but it made me laugh.

Here's a really cool Final Fantasy X cosplay.

Tidus Vs Jecht Cosplay by LeonChiroCosplayArt 

Finally, here's an awesome group of Teen Titans, especially ♥Robin♥. ☺

Teen Titans SDCC 07 by TimDrakeRobin

and, because I can't resist, here's a couple more of TimDrakeRobin's cosplays.

Green Arrow

Robin: Through the Ages


Now there's a Robin who can actually pull off a newberry red racing top and bright lemon cape.

Now that I've gotten completely off-topic, I've been thinking about making up my own character for the anime convention. I'm not sure, I would still love to hear ideas.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Call Me Trek

My brother and I never really liked the song, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, but then our mom found a parody video and showed it to us. Now every time the song comes on the radio, we hear this:

"I missed you. so. baaad." 

Haha, we always sing Worf's part when the song comes on, although I can't really get my voice to go very deep. ☺

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Attack 1/27/13

The theme for this week's Art Attack is,.....Doctor Who!

Doctor Who is my favorite television show, so I'm always on DeviantArt admiring all of the Dr. Who fan art. Here are some of my favorites (there's waaay too many to show them all to you.)


Which, coincidentally not really, is what this first piece of art is called. ☺

"Spoilers" by morgenty

-and the first time you touched my console,you said.. 
-I said “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known”

"You said.." by viria13

So beautiful, one of my favorite episodes.

Here's a wonderful picture of Sexy and Rose.

"Bad Wolf" by janey-jane

I love how the artist thinks of them as close friends because of Bad Wolf. 

Here's a fun one of River and The Doctor.

"Hello, Sweetie" by Saimain

I loved this one so much that I put it as the wallpaper on my desktop.

Here's another wonderful River and The Doctor artwork by Saimain.

"Time and Space" by Saimain

For the finale is a picture of a Dr. Who fan from DeviantArt with four of The Doctors.

Can you guess which one is the fan? To find out, click on the link.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cutie Mark

A few posts back, I made my own My Little Pony on a game on DeviantArt. But I was a bit upset because I couldn't figure out what my "cutie mark" should be. Well, I've been thinking and drawing, and I've figured it out! So without further ado, here is my "cutie mark."

[budadaddadadadda] That's a drum-roll, in case you were wondering.


What do you think? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It took forever since I basically had to draw it one pixel at a time to get it to look right since it's such a small picture. I wish the rainbowiness was blended a bit better, but that's the best I could do on MS Paint. Now I just need to figure out how to put it on my pony.

The Lid

     Whenever someone is looking for, or asks for a lid, my mom always quotes Spongebob, "The lid, Patrick, the lid."

I always hear Hugh Laurie singing "Where is the Lid" from a sketch on "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" instead.

"Hugh Laurie, whose real name was Hugh Laurie, was better known by his stage name,.... Hugh Laurie."  Haha, such a funny show. (it's on Netflix Instant Watch, YAY!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skip Beat!

     I read a lot of manga. My favorite manga of all time that I'd have to recommend is Skip Beat!
Here is my synopsis:
     Skip Beat! is about a teenage girl named Kyoko that moved to Tokyo with the boy she loves and views as her prince whom she grew up with, Shou Fuwa. She then discovers that the only reason he asked her to run away with him was so that she could support him and be his maid while he works his way to becoming the top idol in Japan. She becomes furious with him and vows to get her revenge. After a bit of convincing, (or stalking) she manages to enter the company of Shou's rival, Ren Tsuruga, and works her way to becoming a top star in order to beat Shou in show business.
     I absolutely love all the different characters and their personalities and the way that they interact. I can't even pick a favorite character combo because I love them all so much. There is also an animé of skip beat, unfortunately it stops after 25 episodes, but I still loved watching it. There is also a Taiwanese live-action show of it called "Extravagant Challenge." At first I wasn't sure about watching it, but after I discovered that a Korean actor/singer that I have a major crush on, Siwon Choi from Super Junior, was the one who plays Ren, I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did, the actors all did a great job playing my favorite characters. I only wish that it had gone on longer, I'm still hoping for a second season.

Here's some of my favorite Skip Beat! fan art that I found.


Setsuka and Cain Heel


and now for my favorite....

♥ Team Ren ♥

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know *allowed* was spelled wrong, but it's still hilarious, and I entirely agree. ☺

Musical History

     My favorite subject in school was always history. Even now I still love to study histories from all over the world. I also love music, I can't stand riding in a car without music going. Even at home, if I'm not reading or watching something, I have to have music. When I came across these videos I was ecstatic.

Haha gotta love Ben Franklin all rockifeid.
    This next one I like even more.

Here's a few videos from a hilariously accurate BBC series called Horrible Histories.

Hahaha, "...I don't know what it is, but he's got it... I love him."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Froggy Fog

     My Dad is a major jokester.  He is constantly teasing us and making up silly stories for why things are the way they are. When my brother and I were little we didn't know that he was only teasing and took everything that he said as the truth. For example: whenever it was foggy my Dad always said,"It sure is froggy outside." Then my brother and I tried to correct him, saying that it was foggy, not froggy. He then told us, "Don't you know where fog comes from? It's frog breath. Since there's so much fog outside, then of course it must be froggy out today." For the longest time, whenever it was foggy outside, I imagined this:  

Foggy Froggy

      When I was a teenager I had a terrarium with a big bullfrog named Hector. My brother decided that Hector needed friends and caught a ton of little frogs and put them in my terrarium. Even though I was old enough to know the truth about where fog comes from, I was still upset when I woke up every morning to a room not filled with fog.

Here's the frog picture I used as a reference:

African Bullfrog

Here's some more cute froggy pictures that I found while looking for a frog reference for my picture:

Sunbathing Frog

O_O  He looks so scared.

My My Little Pony

     I was reading epbot ,(a wonderful blog that I read, which actually led me to blogging) and I was led to a game on DeviantArt where you can create your own My Little Pony. I love those types of games, I spend foooorrreveeeer on them. The more I can customize, the better. Here's the pony that I came up with:

Awww, she's so grumpy. The reason for that is because I discovered that I can import a cutie mark to put on her, but I couldn't think of just one image that would be perfect to show "me."  Any suggestions?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Art Attack 1/20/13

I've decided to do a regular post that features art that I like. The art that I'm sharing with you today features an artist named Carl Warner. He is an amazing artist that makes "foodscapes," or, pictures made out of food. Here are some of his amazing creations:

Salmon Sea

Isn't that amazing? I think that the only thing that he didn't use food for was the sky background. I think the sky might be fish scales, the sun is probably just a light, I'm not sure though.

Crab Cave

London Skyline

Coconut Haystacks

Is that a purple cabbage sky?

Fishscape 1

Chinese Junk

Banana Balloon

Candy Cottage

Here's a video of how Carl does his extraordinary work:

To see more of Carl's "foodscapes," check out his Gallery.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Lip Reading Part Deux

     The other day I posted a Bad Lip Reading of the NFL saying that it was my favorite. Well, although I reeeaaally like it and still think it is hilarious, after watching a Bad Lip Reading marathon with my brother, we have both decided that our favorite video is this one:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Masking the Situation

     I have a really bad headache, so forgive me if I'm not very chatty, or witty, or both. :P

I wish that I knew how to work leather, or if I was rich that'd be okay too, because then I could own the following items:

Blaster 3.0 Brown $269.00
      Isn't this, like, an ultra cool looking, waaaaay better alternative to a fanny pack? I'm very sensitive to metals, so the following items are a nice alternative to traditional jewelry:

Leather Cuff Bracelet $49.00
White Leather Choker $24.00
Gold Leather Crown $29.00
I know I don't need a crown, but it's just so pretty. Speaking of pretty things that I don't actually need but intend to someday own....

Queen of Hearts Mask $39.00
White Leather Mask $39.00
     I wouldn't mind having her hair too. The rest are just masks that I really like.

Leather Steampunk Bastet Mask $180.00
Leather Steampunk Anubis Mask $250.00
My Favorite, unfortunately it's sold out
I'm not sure why but these intrigue me, maybe they work like shutter shades?
Leather Eye-cage? $49.00

White Leather Bunny Mask $89.00
Awwww, wook at it's widdew nose. ♥

I'm not sure what this next mask reminds me of, maybe you can help me....

Black Leather Plague Doctor Mask $195.00
Now I just need an excuse to go around wearing masks all the time.

Maybe I'll become a villain...........(DUM dum DUUUUUMMM)

From my favorite movie, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Update:I figured it out, it reminds me of Spy vs. Spy:
Spy vs. Spy
 Look there's even a white one.
White Spy vs. Spy Mask $195.00