Friday, December 13, 2013

Guilt and Melancholy

     As my blog title suggests, I'm a bit of a hermit, which means that I don't leave my house much. Heck, I hardly even leave my room. For some inane reason, I thought that I'd actually have something interesting to post on a regular basis when I first started this blog. Judging by my lack of posts these past few months, I don't. I know that a blog is usually a sort of online diary, but silly me, I told people that I actually know that I was writing a blog. Now, I'm totally fine with sharing my personal feelings and thoughts with dozens of strangers on the internet whom I will probably never meet, I'm not so comfortable with people that I actually know thinking knowing that I'm crazy. Because as it is now, when I have a scintilla of a melancholy moment and write something just to vent a little to get it out of my system, I get bombarded with questions on how I'm feeling, which I hate. The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm about to vent a smidgen, and if you know me and think that you're going to want to talk to me about it, then stop reading right now. You can, however, leave a comment if you wish to. Because while I don't actually like talking to people, I do like reading from them/you. Now for my venting time.


   Have your parent ever used the guilt card on you? They probably have, most parents do, I assume. What bothers me is the fact they even think that there's a need for it. It's like they think that if they just ask me to do the favor out of the goodness of my heart, that I'll refuse. Like I have no goodness in my heart so obviously they have to bring up the latest kind thing that they did for me like some sort of barter system. It hurts, a lot. I'm not going to say "If I ever have kids, I'll never try to guilt them into things!" because I'm pretty sure that would be a blatant lie. But I will say that I would do my best to believe in my child enough to hope that they won't need to be guilted into doing a kindness for others.


Oh yeah, I'm moving again next week. I'm going to be closer to the coast again! ♥


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mister IncrediMan

     I just watched Iron Man 3 last night, which I loved. I love all the Iron Man movies actually. Anywho, I was watching some Iron Man videos on YouTube today and ended up watching the How It Should Have Ended video for Iron Man 3. I thought it was funny and have decided to share with y'all.

WARNING: Contains spoilers


Harley n Tony by Hallpen

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Attack 11-2-13

     I can seeeee. ^_^   I've got my glasses now, so now I can't use that as an excuse for not posting. Time for me to stop slacking. :P  It's Sunday, which means Art Attack. The new episodes of Teen Wolf don't come back until January 6th, and I'm going crazy waiting for them, so that's what I'm making the theme for today's Art Attack. (Teen Wolf, not crazy stuff. Although now that I think about it, that's kinda a good idea, maybe next week.) 
WARNING: May contain spoilers
 Let's start them off with some chibis.
CHIBIS: Teen Wolf by shiftly 

teen wolf: gemini by kreugan
 Kanima Jackson! Am I the only one hoping Jackson comes back to the pack?

Teen Wolf Time! by cannorachan
     ♪ With Derek the Wolf and Stiles the Human, the fun will never end. It's Teen Wolf Tiiiiime...♬

Teen Wolf - Science Buddies by dhauber
      Stiles and Lydia, the brains of the show.

Teen Wolf: Erica Reyes by Dubijanteloca
      Ericaaaaaaa! ♥

TW - Too Many Teens in a Jeep (and Derek) by Guzusuru

TW: Pack Pile by caccorachan

Teen Wolf: The Firestarter by Dubijanteloca

Stiles Stilinski by Sudjino
     I love Stiles, without him, the show would be nothing. He's the reason I even watch Teen Wolf.

Here's a crazy eyes Stiles GIF to finish up the post. ^_^

If anyone is wondering, the clip is from episode 5 of season 3.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Can't See It

     Hello all. It's been a while. Sorry for the long wait. The main reason that I haven't posted in a while is that I need glasses. I was avoiding posting since I couldn't see what I was typing. Silly me just realized that I can enlarge the font only just today. But don't worry, my glasses should done either tomorrow or next week sometime. ^_^ 
     Speaking of things I can't see, here's a video that my Mom shared of a guy named Yann Frisch who can do some amazing sleight-of-hand. 

Have a fun weekend! ^_^

Chibi Omanyte by Leafye

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dollop Head

I already told you that I like YouTuber KatrinDepp's videos. Well, here is a "Merlin" video that I like.

Ah man, I love "Merlin", I really need to get caught up. Yay for Netflix. ^_^  Aaaaaand here's a cute chibi-Merlin and gang.

Merlin Chibis by StarMasayume

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moriarty Loves Bieber

     I absolutely love the BBC's "Sherlock." I've been reading a bunch of fanfiction while I wait for the new season in November. If you're interested, here's one that I really like: In it, John Watson gets "erased" by a mad scientist. He wakes up in his 8 year old body just before "A Study in Pink" to find that "John Watson" doesn't exist. So he has to figure out how to protect and help Sherlock behind the scenes as an 8 year old. I love it. It sounds kinda funny but it's not. It might have it's amusing moments, but it's more of a serious fic. Sometimes when I'm reading "Sherlock" fanfics the authors will share "Sherlock" that they like. Here is one that that I liked as well.

YouTuber KatrinDepp has quite a lot of awesome videos if want to see them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


     Hey y'all, just letting you know I'm still alive. I was going to post an Art Attack this last week but my power went out on Saturday night just as I was about to do it and on Sunday I was moving (yes, I moved again. I'm a Nomad yo.) I'm at my new place but we haven't gotten internet yet. Looking into it but it might be a little while. Here's something to look at while I'm away.

twin tails by godohelp
Awww so cute. I love Flynn and Rapunzel.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Art Attack 9-15-13

     I've been reading Avengers fanfiction, so the theme for today is The Avengers!

The Avengers-colors by marciotakara
     I love the comic bookiness to that one.

Avengers by zgul-osr1113
Oooooh, this is a fun style. I like it.

The Avengers Assemble by kanapy-art
     Such good artwork. Makes me want to try my hand at a smokin' hot Thor, or heck, a smokin' hot any of them. ☺

The Avengers by vancamelot
     Another fun style. They kinda remind me of the POP! toys.

via Amazon

Back to more art.
     So bright and colorful. ♥

AVENGERS! by koroa
     I absolutely love Hawkeye's purple bow. ♥

Now for some Loki love. ☺
Loki by Gone~Batty
     Simple yet awesome.

Loki by doubleleaf
     Its hard to hate a guy who had such terrible punishments(more like torture) for his pranks. If you've ever read Norse mythology, then you know what I mean.

Loki by jeng-86
     Still can't hate him. Even when he's got his "evil" face on.

Chibi Avengers by Corsariomarcio
     Kyaaaaa! ♥ They're all so cute! ♥ And poor little Loki getting smashed by Hulk, I just wanna cuddle him. ♥♥♥

Friday, September 13, 2013

Radioactive Hulk

     So Lazy Connoisseur of Videos shared an Iron Man tribute with the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons a while back. I then had the thought that that song would be perfect for an Incredible Hulk video, and since I'm lazy and have no technological talent of my own, I searched for one on YouTube. Here's my favorite.

     I love Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the Avengers movie. ♥

Chibi Gods by ninjaink
Daaaawwww. ^_^ ♥

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art Attack 9-8-13

     Last Week my brother bought me a sketch book with the stipulation that I use it. The first thing I did was personalize the cover so that it didn't look exactly the same as the one that Buddy bought for himself.

      The scan doesn't really do it justice, you can't see my Yeti very well, but he's adorable. The next thing I did was draw some Adventure Time fanart of Princess Bubblegum.

     Not exactly what I envisioned in my mind, but I aim to improve! It didn't help the fact that all I had to color her with was old mostly dried out dollar markers. -_-
     And on that note, the theme for today's Art Attack is ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Princess Bubblegum by sscindyss
      Now that is an amazing Princess Bubblegum.

Adventure Time by FLAFLY
     I love this.

I Remember You by RiceDumplings
     Awww, Marceline and Simon's history is my all time favorite story in Adventure Time. So sweet and sad at the same time.

I Remember You by WortCat
     *sniff* *sniff* I love that episode. Buddy doesn't like watching it because of the sad parts though. 。゜(`Д´)゜。

Final Finn by Radical-Rhombus-XD
      I love it when artists draw Finn in anime style.

Adventure Time High Class by acetone91
     KYAAAAA I love this! ♥♥♥ In fact, I'm going to make it my desktop wallpaper right now. ☺ I love how beautiful Lady Rainacorn looks.

BMO by JSA-Arts
     Awww, BMO is so cute. He's my brother's favorite.

Adventure Time/BMO by jomim
     Poor little BMO wants to be a human like Finn.

Lumpy Space Princess Portrait by Blacnarf
     LOL, Lumpy Space Princess is so hilarious. She's tied with Princess Bubblegum for my favorite Princess.

I'm Lumpy and I Know It by Maryanneleslie
     I absolutely love all of the Human!Lumpy Space Princess (LOL, can you tell I read a lot of fanfic?) fanart. She always looks so amazing. Someday I want to cosplay as her if I ever manage to get to an anime or comic convention.

Adventure Time! by Suihara
     This one was my brother desktop wallpaper for a while. ☺

Saturday, September 7, 2013

We Got A Camera!

     My brother took me out to dinner (so sweet!) and then decided he wanted to go show me how awesome he is at climbing rocks (again). But this time, I brought a camera! I haven't really figured out how to really use it properly yet (I just point and click), so some of the pictures are kinda blurry and/or dark. :P  I tried taking a couple of videos of Buddy climbing but I had the camera turned sideways, so the videos are sideways. If I ever figure out how to get the videos turned right-side-up I'll be sure to post them. ☺

     Starfish! There are so many there that just hang around on the rocks. Oh, and pay no attention to the time-stamp, I put the date in, but didn't know what the time was when I was setting up the camera and now I don't know how to change it.

      Here's Buddy climbing up a rocky cliff/hill thing. He was going so fast I didn't really get very many pictures and this was the only good one.

      Here he is showing off after he got to the top.

      Here's a picture of me after we climbed down a bunch of rocks to get down by the water to look at the starfish.

      This is a closeup of Buddy climbing a HUGE rock that was so flat I was worried about how he was going to get up all the way.

     Here he is reaching for the top.

      Awww look at that ocean, so deceptively calm looking. Every time we tried to take any pictures of water splashing up in the background it got all calm and the moment we turned of the camera so that we could climb to a different section of rocks it would get all splashy again. -_-

      Here's Buddy being smashed by a boulder. LOL, we found a tiny non-cave and he decided to climb inside and make it look like he was being crushed by the rock on top. ☺

     All of the black rocks in the background are covered in mussels, he wanted me to take a picture to show our parents and added his muscles into the foreground.  ( ≧▽≦)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Ma-Kitty

     My brother was watching YouTube videos and he came upon an amazing acapella singer. Here is my favorite acapella video of YouTuber Smooth McGroove.

Because he's got night vision, on a midnight mission, and he's made his decision to STALK YOOUUU ♪  ☺

Here's another of his videos. It isn't acapella, but it's still really good, especially if you play Minecraft. ☺

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art Attack/ Me At The Ocean 9-1-13

     Sorry this is late but I have a wisdom tooth coming in so I was going to use that as an excuse to be late in posting, but then my brother bought me some ibuprofen and dragged me to the ocean so now this is really late. ☺  My brother made some burgers while we were at the ocean and then I played in the water. We got some pictures, but they're from our cell phone, so they're pretty crappy.

Here's Buddy cutting up onions with a bit of ocean in the background.

That's me out in the water. I was wearing a long skirt, but the water was so nice I didn't care. Until we got home and my skirt was full of sand. ☺

Here's a shadowy picture of me trying to run back to my brother with a Coke and a soaked skirt.

     That's all the pictures I have. Buddy and I are going to try to find an affordable camera that will at least take better pictures than the cell phone. So yeah, look forward to that.
     Today's Art Attack is going to be kinda short, but the theme is.........Ocean Fantasy.

Poseidon by Jinjorz

Mermaid Drop by sakimichan

Mermaid by firecrow78

Sea Dragon by m-lupus

Atlantis by Cold-Tommy-Gin